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 ESG Policy

The Bangarra Family Office exists to build a healthier, more productive and inclusive community. We do this through our commitment to responsible business and quality investment, and through the Bennelong Foundation, that invests in opportunities for enhanced community wellbeing and lasting positive change.

Bangarra Family Office ESG Policy


The Bangarra Family Office combines its essence of private ownership and entrepreneurialism with the highest governance and compliance standards. Our business management approach is underpinned by a philosophy that values a long-term view and investing in quality.


The Bennelong Foundation is supported by the Bangarra Family Office to enhance community wellbeing and drive positive lasting change for Australians.


The Bangarra Family Office understands the power of business to create social and environmental value for current and future generations and can also to contribute to negative impacts. We are committed to acting ethically and responsibly in all areas of our operations and as a consequence, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) will inform our decisions and actions.


The Bangarra Family office sees the adoption of a ESG Policy as enhancing its philanthropic heritage, which, combined with its core values of honesty, competitiveness, teamwork, prudence, balance, respect, accountability and hard work, underpin all initiatives across the Group.

Our ESG commitments are based on the strategies for and material risks to our business:


  • We will uphold strong and ethical governance: this will be reflected in our strategic direction, investment philosophies, governance framework, risk framework, values and code of conduct.

  • We build economic sustainability: this is evidenced by our strong capital base, sustained client relations, profitability earned while bearing in mind the cost to society and environment, and that enables funds to flow to the Foundation.

  • We support social sustainability: we foster a strong and supportive corporate culture that values our people and takes a responsible approach to our wider community of stakeholders. We invest in community impact through our Foundation. Our trusted client relationships are built on taking a custodianship approach to managing others’ money.

  • We contribute to environmental sustainability: we support renewable energy through our purchase of green power and find opportunities for energy efficiency, waste management and ethical procurement.

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