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The Bangarra Family Office is a private family office founded by Jeff Chapman in 2000. It has global reach, with core Australian businesses operating alongside businesses in London, Middle East, Europe and Asia. Commencing with the investment of family funds, Bangarra has built a significant and award winning funds management business managing personal, partner and public funds across the traditional asset classes of equities, property and private equity.


Bangarra also operates as a single family office with long standing relationships throughout Australian and international family offices.

Prior to July 2015, the Bangarra Group was known as the Bennelong Group. The Group was rebranded Bangarra as part of a strategic shift to differentiate the Group’s private business and family office from its financial services business.


Bangarra is the Wurundjeri word for ‘fire stick’ or ‘to make fire’. Australia’s Wurundjeri are people of the mountains, rivers and plains whose culture is both rich and ancient. Prior to European settlement, when the Wurundjeri people moved camp, they carried a burning stick with them to perpetually keep their fire alight. Bangarra, too, seeks to perpetuate its positive impact.


The Group's "Bangarras" are represented by the words and actions of the Bangarra team... to shine, to illuminate and to be proudly carried and passed on to others.


Philanthropic objectives

A core part of Bangarra’s goal to drive lasting positive change in the community is its philanthropic arm, the Bennelong Foundation. The Foundation was established in 2002 and is the financial beneficiary of Bangarra and its associated businesses. Since inception, the Foundation has made in excess of 350 grants to worthy and qualifying community organisations. The Foundation allows Bangarra’s directors, management and staff to join with the founders to support worthy community causes.

sustainability & community

Bangarra Group has a long standing commitment to sustainability and to the communities in which we exist. In the initial years this commitment was very much an internal one, but as we have expanded our social footprint we have brought a more focused and overt element to the work that we do. At its core, sustainability and community is linked through caring - for the world in which we live and for the people with whom we share it - to its fellow traveller in philanthropy.  Bangarra Family Office stands tall on its record in both.


Our vision and values

Bangarra’s vision is to be an active owner of significant businesses, building value through outstanding people, disciplined management, an unwavering commitment to excellence and a strong capital base. 

Bangarra’s philanthropic heritage, combined with its core values of honesty, competitiveness, teamwork, prudence, balance, respect, accountability and hard work, underpin all initiatives across the Group.



Bangarra Family Office is a private company with a public company governance and compliance overlay. The Group has a Board of Directors including highly qualified and experienced independent non-executive directors.

Corporate structure & business model

The highly professional, corporatised structure of the Group, combined with its strong capital base, provide a solid foundation for the long-term success of its various businesses.



The Group's brands attract high calibre professionals to all facets of its business, with executives and staff possessing a wealth of experience and sharing a passion for innovation and success.

Culture and PhiLosophy

The Group is an active participant in all of its businesses, aiming to build independently successful enterprises. This philosophy, combined with the Group’s core values, drive a unique – but understated – culture.

A social conscience

The Group was born out of the desire to create a profitable business to support the long-term philanthropic activities of the Bennelong Foundation. The extent to which the Group can contribute to the community is part of its benchmark for success.

business horizon

The Group is an active, long-term investor (10 to 20 years) in and manager of its diverse range of businesses.


PRoudly australian

Whilst the Group is Australian-based, it is international in its perspective and business outlook with offices around the world.

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