How to apply

Submitting an application

Organisations interested in applying for a grant from the Foundation should complete the Bennelong Grant Application Form.  The Board have decided that at present we will concentrate on the areas of Education, Training & Employment, Migrant & Indigenous Community Welfare and Community Health.

Along with the Application Form, the organisation must provide:

  • a copy of its Constitution including Objectives/Statements of Purposes;
  • a copy of the latest Annual Report including its audited annual accounts;
  • a list of members of the Board and/or Management Committee (if not included in the Annual Report);
  • a copy of the Certification from the Australian Taxation Office that the body is an income tax exempt charity; and
  • a copy of its Deductible Gift Recipient Status from Australian Taxation Office.

All applications and supporting documentation should be forwarded to:

Susan Frances
General Manager
Bennelong Foundation
Bennelong House
Level 2, 9 Queen Street
Melbourne  VIC  3000

or by e-mail to - applications to be in Word format please.

Closing dates

For 2014, the closing date for applications for the first round of funding is 10 February 2014 and for the second round, 13 August 2014. The Board meets twice a year to consider applications and after submitting an application, you will be advised in writing when you may expect a decision.

Other conditions

  • Bennelong Foundation may visit the site of any organisation to which it intends to provide a grant at times and conditions agreed between the parties.

  • Grant recipients will be required to sign a Grant Agreement before payment is made which will include a half-yearly reporting programme.

  • The decision of the Board as to whether or not funds will be granted is not subject to review and reasons for the decision may not necessarily be provided.

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